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Fix wifi on Raspberry Pi Devices

Introduction In this post, we are going to fix wifi on raspberry pi 3 devices. We may have seen or we would be experiencing wifi problems on the raspberry pi 3 devices. I am currently doing this on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. We fix WiFi Connection problems on the Different OS’s that can be installed on Raspberry Pi 3. What You should do to fiz wifi problems on raspberry pi 3 Flash/Pen Drive. Minimum of 1 GB. A computer (except a Pi). Basics What we are going to do is simple. We will be uploading drivers to the Operating System we are currently running on. The Linux drivers for ARM based devices are identical for a device. We will copy driver from a working Operating System to our New WiFi unsupported Operating System. Is it safe ? Yes, it is safe to copy drivers from one Linux Operating System to another if both the Operating Systems are designed to run on the same device. Simple Steps for Solving WiFi issue on the Raspberry Pi 3 Plug in the Pen Drive to your PC We should first plugin the

How to make Google's AdSence/AdMob Page Loader with CSS and HTML

A Short Introduction Hello guys, today we will make the Material loader that Google uses in AdSence, AdMob and Various other Web Apps. We are always interested in having a look at others cool stuffs. Well, this code that I made is interesting and only uses less space. The content / Files that I provide you here are free to download and I always appreciate you downloading it. This is a recreation of the Google’s AdSence Loader. If you are a member of Google AdSence or Google AdMob, you must have seen the loader. It has a loader in Center and a tiny bar on top which runs across left to right in the window. The Code for AdSence Material Loader 1. Let’s do a Quick Markup <!DOCTYPE html><!-- Property is Free to use from --><html lang="en"><head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Material App</title> <link rel = "stylesheet" href="main.css" type = "text/css"/></head>&

Remove 000webhost Branding on Every Page

A bit of Introduction for Removing the 000webhost Branding. Hey there, Free hoster’s !. I am Midhun. This content is on removing the 000webhost branding. I will guide you to remove the free hosting watermarks and branding. These things are annoying now and may can even decrease our website traffic. Well, I have a solution for this. My Best guess is that there are two type of people over here, visiting this page. You may be a WordPress user or a student/Web Developer making his/her web app here. Web Developers can easily crack-out my here on seeing this page. But, for the WordPress users, you won’t maybe get it. Why remove 000webhost branding ? The banner is kind of annoying nowadays and this can lead to our websites losing traffic. This is an extremely hard disadvantage of the banner being there. One Disadavantage Yes, this code will work. I guarantee you that as far as the image (The Banner is an image file) has a src attribute. The 000webhost people will always change the src attribu

Installing OSMC on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Download OSMC img file for installation A bit of Introduction for installing OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ We always want a media center in our homes. In this article, we will discuss about installing OSMC on the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+. OSMC stands for Open Source Media Center. There is only one parent member for OSMC it is Kodi. Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. When we install Kodi on the Raspberry Pi, we can control it through the HDMI Serial Communication. That means our media center can be controlled by our very own remote controller used on TV’s. Download OSMC img file for installation OSMC is a free and open source media player which is based on Linux. It is founded in 2014, OSMC lets you play back media from your local network,

Fixing Bricked Samsung Devices : Easy Way !

Basic Introduction for fixing Bricked Samsung Devices We always play around with the phones we get. But sometimes amateurs end up bricking the phone. Thus it means that the phone may stuck in the boot-loader. Well, a phone is not useful if it gets stuck in the Boot-loader. Since We can’t get to any functionalities of the system it is thus good for nothing. In this Post I will talk about Fixing Bricked Samsung Devices. For this I will use a SM-J100H (Galaxy J1). What is the use of fixing Bricked Samsung Devices ? Well, a device which is bricked has nothing to do with us. But when we fix these, this device will come in handy. Fixing a Bricked device by this method doesn’t cause any problems to the device (I haven’t got any problems till now). The Steps for Fixing Bricked Samsung Devices WARNING : I am not responsible any trouble that has been caused to your device . If you wish to proceed, you may do it with your own will . 1. Before We Begin Your device must have a charge of about 50 –

How to download and install games on dz09 smart watch

Introduction Installing apps on dz09 smartwatch is the overall focus of this topic. Whenever we get a smart watch what we do as the first thing is check if we can install any apps and games on it. But in case of this smart watch, things are getting a bit more interesting. The fact is that there are some smart watches which has this functionality hidden. And, also some of the smartwatches doesn’t allow games to be installed. This is now getting a bit more frustrating. It is because we can’t maybe actually identify the Watch that we have. Some variants on this watch look alike and we can’t necessarily tell which one is the one that we need to buy to install and games. Why install apps and games Apps and Games are the overall meaning of a smartwatch. It makes us to stay away from getting bored. And, more than that it is always interesting to find games and apps on some cheap smartwatches as we know. Some Basic Steps for Installing apps on dz09 smartwatch Open your watch dialer Type in *#0

Easy Install Paid apps and Games on DZ09 Smart watch

The Simple steps to get paid apps for free Download Download Extract it on root of SD Card Go to the Watch Call Maker / Dialer. Tap in *#00000000# (Eight Zeros) or *#0*#. Go to Game Center or ZM Entertainment. This is the app store in which all paid files are unlocked. This is an 100% working Method.

Increase Storage on your pendrive

Some Introduction Always from the beginning we wanted to increase the storage capacity of SD Card or pendrive. We always want to store data occupying the maximum space available. Now it is possible as everything. In this content, we will discuss about these. Now it is not necessary to waste money on buying high capacity storage devices. Feel free to comment below content. If some doubts arise. What is SDATA tools ? SData tools a super tool or can be called a utility-program which can multiply the space of SD/Memory cards, flash drives or any other external storage device such as an Hard Drive. This tool is always trusted by users like us. This tool is only used to increase the storage capacity of pendrives or any storage devices How to increase SD Card storage space ? Download  this  Program. Right Click and Run it as Administrator after Download. Connect the Storage Device / Drive through the port. Now select on to how much you want to increase. Hit on E-compress. Now you will see tha

10 things on Tech that you should know

1. Google Can Locate Your Device What if you were on a party and forgot you phone and just don’t know where it is ?. Well, Google is here to help. All of our Phones (if it’s android) has google services built in it. There is a device administrator that is turned on automatically at the time when you switch on your phone for First Time.This Just came to help right now !. Go to  and sign-in Select your device from the images shown on left. You can now Locate your Phone on Map, Ring your Phone, Erase Data and Secure it. Thanks to Google ! 2. Faking Updates Are you interested in fooling or pranking anyone ? Now we can fake updates on certain websites. I am chosing only one of them because it has a variety of Update Screens Go to . Now here, we may get 10 (Ten) Fake Screens. Chose any one of the Fake Screen You may also find the fakescreen you clicked was very realestic. You will Get the Following Screens : Windows 98 (Drivers Installation Progress)

Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Video tutorial on Installing Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Download Kali Linux Image Introduction In this topic we will be discussing about installing Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The Steps are easy to follow. What is Kali Linux Kali Linux is one of the most known and popular Operating systems of all times. When it comes to Kali, the term “Monitor mode” is the most famous. Kali Linux is used in the hacking field to crack out the information for all kinds of servers. Kali Linux is used in Learning coding for the beginners. Web servers are the most targeted kind in hacking. Kali Linux is used by some security engineers to learn and find the loopholes, Which happened in the production of web based servers and applications. Why Install Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi When Kali Linux comes to the Raspberry Pi, the things get rolling up !. Raspberry Pi is the smallest computer present on the planet. Pi has an incredible processing power compared to it’s size. Pi can be carried anywhere on

MiraOS 11 on SM-J100H

Download MiraOS 11 ROM How to Install MiraOS11 on SM-J100H Download the OS by clicking  here Go to Wipe>Advanced Wipe>>Check all except SD and Internal Storage and swipe Next download from below and paste the MidOS zip file in SD card Flash the zip with install option in TWRP. Hit “next” 3 times after the arrival of MiraOS or Aroma Installer. Reboot and Enjoy and Subscribe Above Download MiraOS 11 ROM Some Information The Samsung Galaxy J is a smartphone developed and manufactured by Samsung which works on the Android platform.[1][2] This phone was originally developed for Japanese cellular carrier NTT DoCoMo in fall 2013, and the overseas version initially released in Taiwan in December 2013. The device features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.3 GHz processor with 3GB of RAM and a Full HD Super AMOLED display Hardware The phone is powered with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset which includes 2.3 GHz processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB RAM, with 32GB of internal storage an

Installing Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Download Ubuntu Mate img file Introduction to install ubuntu mate on pi 3 b+ This article is on installing Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The files are fit for the Pi 3 B+. Why install Ubuntu Mate on Pi 3 Ubuntu Mate provides a outstanding User-Interface (UI) to it’s users. Also at the same time it occupies a very little space and is error free. Ubuntu is the best operating system that an average user always prefers Ubuntu after Windows or Mac OS. Ubuntu Mate also provides various built-in programs which support IoT (Internet of Things) Development. Which also means that it comes with the Raspbian toolkit. Is IoT at Ubuntu Mate Acceptable Yes, IOT at Ubuntu mate is acceptable since it doesn’t cause any error. And, all the GPIO(General Purpose Input/Output) Pins are exactly calibrated. It also provides built-in python IDLE. It makes it easy to program the devices on the go. It also comes with scratch which makes it easy for kids to learn programming. Download Ubuntu Mate img file

Android OS on Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Download Raspberry Pi Android Image Introduction on installing Android OS on Raspberry pi 3 b+ This article is on installing Android OS on Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The steps are simple and easy to follow. If you are a Pi user, you must have played changing the Operating System a million times. The most common Operating Systems that can be installed on Raspberry Pi are Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, Windows IOT Core, Weather Station, ReteroPi and Android OS. Now we have the image of Android Pi here. You can download and install this to your Pi. 2 Disadvantages of Android OS on Pi Yes, it is true that we can install Android OS on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, but sometimes the processes are a bit slow which makes it hard to navigate. Overclocking the pi worked for in reducing this problem. And also this OS doesn’t provide access to the GPIO pins. Which makes it no meaning for having the Pi here. Some Advantages of installing Android OS Play Games On Installing Android OS on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, you will be