10 things on Tech that you should know

1. Google Can Locate Your Device

What if you were on a party and forgot you phone and just don’t know where it is ?. Well, Google is here to help. All of our Phones (if it’s android) has google services built in it. There is a device administrator that is turned on automatically at the time when you switch on your phone for First Time.This Just came to help right now !.

  1. Go to google.com/android/find and sign-in
  2. Select your device from the images shown on left.
  3. You can now Locate your Phone on Map, Ring your Phone, Erase Data and Secure it.
  4. Thanks to Google !

2. Faking Updates

Are you interested in fooling or pranking anyone ? Now we can fake updates on certain websites. I am chosing only one of them because it has a variety of Update Screens

  1. Go to FakeUpdate.net.
  2. Now here, we may get 10 (Ten) Fake Screens.
  3. Chose any one of the Fake Screen

You may also find the fakescreen you clicked was very realestic.

You will Get the Following Screens :

  • Windows 98 (Drivers Installation Progress)
  • Windows XP (installing Updates)
  • Windows Vista (Configuring Updates)
  • Windows 7 (Configuring Updates
  • Macintosh, Apple OS (Boot Up)
  • Windows 10 (Upgrading to Windows 10 Meassage)
  • Windows 10 (Updates)
  • GNU Linux

3. Built-in Game on Chrome

Have you ever Known That You Had a Hidden Game on Your Computer ?

  1. Go to chrome://dino on Your Chrome Browser or just keep your internet diconnected and try a link
  2. You will see a page called “No Internet Connecton”.
  3. Click on the Dino or just hit spacebar on your keyboard
  4. Happy Games !

4. A folder that you can’t Create

Okay, It’s Really Hard to believe but it’s true

  1. Go to location on your Computer
  2. Create a folder named “CON” without quotes
  3. Noticed that ? It won’t create a folder in this name.

5. Viewing Auto-Fill Passwords

It’s 50% client side hacking. Don’t try this to misuse data. Please !

  1. Go to a auto fill form on any webpage.
  2. Right Click on the password field and hit inspect.
  3. Change the input type = “password” to input type = “text”.
  4. You can see the Password in the area now.

6. Calculating with Google

  1. Try a google search such as 5 * 12 or 21 *59
  2. Google will give the answer
  3. Try this on Google Assistant also.

7. Hidden Game on Google Images

  1. Go to images.google.com and search “Atary Breakout”.
  2. Click on the First Reuslt
  3. Play the Game !. You may haven’t Known About this. Right ?

8. Alternative for Adobe PhotoShop online

  1. Try a Search on Sumo Paint on Google
  2. It’s a Best Alternative for PhotoShop

9. Convert Currencies with Google

  1. Try a google search such as $5 or 21[currency]
  2. Google will give the recent rate of exchange
  3. Try this on Google Assistant also.

10. Google’s PacMan

PacMan : The Wonderful game of all times ! is back in google, becoming little more easier

  1. Try a google search on “Pacman”
  2. Google will give you result first on page. Click it to play it there itself
  3. This may work on Assistant too.

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