Fixing Bricked Samsung Devices : Easy Way !

Basic Introduction for fixing Bricked Samsung Devices

We always play around with the phones we get. But sometimes amateurs end up bricking the phone. Thus it means that the phone may stuck in the boot-loader. Well, a phone is not useful if it gets stuck in the Boot-loader. Since We can’t get to any functionalities of the system it is thus good for nothing. In this Post I will talk about Fixing Bricked Samsung Devices. For this I will use a SM-J100H (Galaxy J1).

What is the use of fixing Bricked Samsung Devices ?

Well, a device which is bricked has nothing to do with us. But when we fix these, this device will come in handy. Fixing a Bricked device by this method doesn’t cause any problems to the device (I haven’t got any problems till now).

The Steps for Fixing Bricked Samsung Devices

WARNING : I am not responsible any trouble that has been caused to your device. If you wish to proceed, you may do it with your own will.

1. Before We Begin

Your device must have a charge of about 50 – 70% to fix the device.

And, also the Samsung USB Drivers must be installed on your PC.

2. Download Your Device Firmware

  • Go on to you computer.
  • Visit and create an account.
  • In the top tab, click on firmware.
  • Type in your model number. In my case, it is “SM-J100H”.
  • Select your carrier/country.
  • Click on Wait and Download (If you wish to).
  • It will start to download.

3. Extract the Firmware file

  • You can extract the firmware to your desktop. It will have a file with extension “.md5”.

4. Download ODIN

  • Go to or just search on “Odin Samsung” on Google to get Odin.
  • Once downloaded, select PDA/AP in Odin.
  • Navigate to the Extracted Firmware file with a “.md5” extension (I asked you to extract it to Desktop).
  • It may can get hang for a while. It is performing some file tests.

5. Switch phone to Odin Mode

  • Switching Phone to Odin mode is simple as honey.
  • Switch Phone off completely.
  • After the phone off vibration, press the “power-on” button, “Home Button” and “Volume Down Button” in the order.
  • You will see a dialog such as “Press Volume up to continue”.
  • Please don’t press it. I will tell you when to.

6. Connect Phone to PC

  • Do the Volume Up on the Phones’ Odin mode screen.
  • Connect the phone to your PC through the charging port to your PC.
  • Please Make Sure that your Cable that you use to connect phone to PC is fine.
  • On your PC Screen you may see “Added” on console box.

7. Hit Start !

  • Hit Start on you PC Odin Window.
  • It will take time to finish.

8. Hurrah !!

After it’s normal and automatic boot after flashing, Your Device will boot up and you will find that your device has been successfully been fixed.


We Learnt that nothing is impossible and everything can be fixed.

Now Go on and Enjoy !.

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