Increase Storage on your pendrive

Some Introduction

Always from the beginning we wanted to increase the storage capacity of SD Card or pendrive. We always want to store data occupying the maximum space available. Now it is possible as everything. In this content, we will discuss about these. Now it is not necessary to waste money on buying high capacity storage devices. Feel free to comment below content. If some doubts arise.

What is SDATA tools ?

SData tools a super tool or can be called a utility-program which can multiply the space of SD/Memory cards, flash drives or any other external storage device such as an Hard Drive. This tool is always trusted by users like us. This tool is only used to increase the storage capacity of pendrives or any storage devices

How to increase SD Card storage space ?

  • Download this Program.
  • Right Click and Run it as Administrator after Download.
  • Connect the Storage Device / Drive through the port.
  • Now select on to how much you want to increase.
  • Hit on E-compress.

Now you will see that the maximum storage capacity of your storage device is way more than the default size. Now, You can try copying or moving files onto your device. If you are from India, and has a JioFi Router. You can insert it to the device and copy data for better experience.

This however by the way does arise some problems on memory cards. Sometimes it wont go beyond the default card size. In all the memory cards that I have noticed that it will work only on some kind of memory cards. You may can call it lucky SD Cards for some reasons. As far as I know, trying these were problem free. The software SData tools doesn’t contain any virus or stuff. Thus it free to use and also device-friendly.

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