Installing Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Download Ubuntu Mate img file

Introduction to install ubuntu mate on pi 3 b+

This article is on installing Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The files are fit for the Pi 3 B+.

Why install Ubuntu Mate on Pi 3

Ubuntu Mate provides a outstanding User-Interface (UI) to it’s users. Also at the same time it occupies a very little space and is error free. Ubuntu is the best operating system that an average user always prefers Ubuntu after Windows or Mac OS. Ubuntu Mate also provides various built-in programs which support IoT (Internet of Things) Development. Which also means that it comes with the Raspbian toolkit.

Is IoT at Ubuntu Mate Acceptable

Yes, IOT at Ubuntu mate is acceptable since it doesn’t cause any error. And, all the GPIO(General Purpose Input/Output) Pins are exactly calibrated. It also provides built-in python IDLE. It makes it easy to program the devices on the go. It also comes with scratch which makes it easy for kids to learn programming.

Download Ubuntu Mate img file

Preliminary Steps for Installing Ubuntu Mate

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  • Read the entire steps before flashing. Passwords are mentioned below.
  • Download Ubuntu Mate Image for installing Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
  • Extract the “.img” file to a location with WinRar or any Archive Manager.
  • Prepare an above 8 GB Memory Card.
  • Download SD Card Formatter and Win32DiskImager.
  • Format the SD Card with the Formatter.
  • Open Win32DiskImager and Click on Open.
  • Select the extracted “.img” file and Click on write.
  • This will take some time.

Steps after Flashing the Image

Download Ubuntu Mate img file
  • Insert SD Card to the Pi.
  • Connect HDMI, monitor, and power supply with mouse and keyboard.
  • As always, don’t panic It will be fine.
  • It will boot up.
  • Password for the account “pi” is “raspberry”.
  • Read this article if you have WiFi issues.
  • Enjoy !
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