Remove 000webhost Branding on Every Page

A bit of Introduction for Removing the 000webhost Branding.

Hey there, Free hoster’s !. I am Midhun. This content is on removing the 000webhost branding. I will guide you to remove the free hosting watermarks and branding. These things are annoying now and may can even decrease our website traffic. Well, I have a solution for this.

My Best guess is that there are two type of people over here, visiting this page. You may be a WordPress user or a student/Web Developer making his/her web app here. Web Developers can easily crack-out my here on seeing this page. But, for the WordPress users, you won’t maybe get it.

Why remove 000webhost branding ?

The banner is kind of annoying nowadays and this can lead to our websites losing traffic. This is an extremely hard disadvantage of the banner being there.

One Disadavantage

Yes, this code will work. I guarantee you that as far as the image (The Banner is an image file) has a src attribute.

The 000webhost people will always change the src attribute of the image file that we are dealing with. This causes our code not to work.

We will have to change the code from time to time when they change it.

Let’s remove 000webhost branding

Some things to note down

1. Go to your Website

2. Right Click on the Branding and click on “Inspect”

4. This will pop-up

3. Note Down the ‘src’ attribute of the branding image file

In my case the ‘src’ attribute is :

After Noting Down the ‘src’ attribute

Use the following format to disable the branding

img[src="<Your Src Attribute Here>"]{ display:none!important;}

Keep the above code in mind and proceed

For Web Developers :

  • Make a common style sheet for all the html files.
  • Paste the code above code there.


  • Make a style tag if you have only one page.
  • Enclose that code in between.

For WordPress Users :

Without Plugin

  • Login to your Website dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance > Customise > Additional CSS.
  • Paste the code in the box.
  • Click Publish

With Plugin

You can use this plugin to remove the branding :

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