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List of DZ09 Secret Codes

Introduction When it comes to smartwatches there are always going to some secret codes. These can help you to reach the hidden sections or activities in the smartwatch. In the DZ09 Smartwatch you can find a wide variety of these secret codes. These codes can be directly typed in from your Mobile Watch or DZ09 Dialer or Phone App. These codes can also help you to get into the Play Store for these smartwatches. These DZ09 Codes are very useful for everyone. This is a complete list of the DZ09 Smartwatch Codes. Will it work ? Well I would say that the code will actually work. The codes shown below will work 98%. The Rest 2% is not there because these smartwatches are developed by different manufacturers. They use their own different Operating Systems. The Secret Codes for DZ09 Smartwatch *#00000000# or *#0*# – ZM Entertainment or Game Center can be seen on typing this code directly onto your DZ09 smartwatch phone app or dialer. Here is a video tutorial for installing apps and games on y