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FIXING THE Updating or posting failed error on wordpress

“Updating or posting failed on wordpress” is a really frustrating error. But we have a solution left for this. It is like 90% likely to help you. On publishing a post on WordPress, you will see the publishing failed or on updating you will see the error as updating failed. Umm… “Updating or posting failed on wordpress” is because of this This is cause because you may be using SSL for your website. And some resources are set to load over http and not https. Since it is https due to our SSL. We need to fix this. Simple way and Hard Way to fix on WordPress Hard way to fix Updating or posting failed on wordpress Hard way to fix this error of Updating and publishing, you will need to login to your WordPress DataBase and then go to wp_options table and change your site_url and home_url to ‘/’ (“A slash without quotes, replacing your Login to WordPress database Go to options table usually seen as “wp_options” Change site url and home url to “/”. (A slash to front without q