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Fix Linux LAMP server permission issues (Ultimate Fix !, 2020)

Introduction Hello, Guys !. Today, we are going to discuss the apache LAMP server permission issues fix on Linux. Windows people won’t necessarily need this tutorial because permission issues won’t arise on Windows. This Problem can happen on the LAMP servers installed on Linux Distros such as ubuntu 18. In this tutorial, I will show how you can get into fixing the file or folder access permissions on Apache LAMP servers. This issue will be a total issue for WordPress users and it is because WordPress needs its plugins which are necessary for the stability of WordPress. The Problems if we don’t fix LAMP server permissions If we don’t fix the file permission issues, we will face these problems: Won’t be able to write files to our document root and it’s folders. WordPress would require FTP credentials for managing plugins and themes. WordPress cannot create the wp_config.php file to its root directory. File won’t be uploaded to the directory. The Fix for LAMP server permission issues on

Upload to Instagram with your computer | Simple Guide

Watch Video to unserstand Better Why upload to instagram with computer You can easily upload to instagram with your computer. We are doing this because it maybe sometimes hard to reach out our phone and some times, the files maynot have to be there. So, that will become an issue for us. How are we going to do to upload to instagram with computer ? Bascically, We will transform our chrome browser to a mobile version. So, we can access mobile version of instagram. How to upload to Instagram with your computer 1. Login to Instagram You have to be logged in into instagram to do this 2. Right-click anywhere on Instgram, select “Inspect” You need to right-click after instagram has loaded on you PC, then select “inspect”. 3. After that came right in, select the small icon at the top left of DevTools. Select the Devices Icon from the DevTools Window 4. Choose Galaxy S5 from here Choose alaxy S5 from the Dropdown You need to choose galaxy s5 from there to transform your desktop browser to a mob